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Lora Hart Pendant 1

As usual I’m so very excited to see the work of the Woodland Chic Design Team. This week is no exception. Lora gave us a wonderful example of how to take a commercially produced texture and modify it to make it more customized. By doing this she was able to compose the different design elements

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Donna Penoyer

This week’s featured artist is Donna Penoyer. I love Donna’s creativity. I often tell my students that there are 3 “C’s” when designing new jewelry, 1) Concept 2) Creativity and 3) Craftsmanship. Her work simply sings! Ok her work also literally sings! Donna is known as “The Whistle Lady” and true to form she created

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Paula McDowell

When I asked artists to be on my Woodland Chic Design Team I knew they would produce beautiful pieces, but I was pleasantly surprised with some of the unique solutions artist came up.  When I asked Paula, she immediately took the challenge to heart. She created this wonderful locket. While simple at first glance, this

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Tracey Spurgin

This weeks featured artist is Tracey Spurgin! Tracey is a smiling beam of light when she walks into any room! I love her energy!  I was so happy that she joined the Woodland Chic Design Team. For you lucky metal clay artists in the UK, Tracey owns CraftWorx. Check out her great school and learn

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This weeks featured artist is Donna Lewis! I’ve admired Donna’s work for some time now and I was so thrilled that she joined the Woodland Chic Design Team.  Donna’s creative take on the task was to make a mold from the texture plate. By making a mold of the Woodland Chic Texture plate she was

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Woodland Chic Cuffs by Alison Lee

What can I say about this weeks featured artist. Alison Lee is the creative powerhouse behind She’s also an accomplished artist, proud mother of a very talented son and someone I’m happy to call a friend. Alison took plain cuffs and transformed them into something interesting by using traditional and non-tradition methods. The next

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Sunflower-Emma Gordon

Last week we announced an official stockist in the UK for the Woodland Chic Texture Sheet Here is a little bit about Emma of Bluebell Design Studio and a couple of photos of her work. If you are in the UK you can save on shipping by ordering from Emma. About Emma Emma Gordon is

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JK McDowell - Woodland Chic Design Team

Well another week, another wonderful project from a member of the Woodland Chic Design Team! Last week I was traveling so I missed posting Week 5. As a result, I’ll be posting Week 5 today and Week 6 tomorrow. Both are fabulous ! Part of the designs teams challenge was to show how the Woodland

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A few months ago I proposed an article using PMC Sterling to Jeannette at MCAM magazine. It’s been like waiting for Christmas waiting to see it in print. Yesterday I got the magazine in the mail! It’s always nice to see your work in print, on-line and included in books. Two of my favorite things

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Hi everyone, I know a lot of you already own a copy of Woodland Chic, thank you! BUT if you don’t have a copy, for the next 3 days until the 21st, will be having a sale. Save 15% off of the list price. Buy one for a gift, Xmas is coming! The promo code is:

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screen-shot-2012-09-01-at-8-01-37-am-e1346512058118 Check out the work of Charity Hall. I recently saw her work in the Penland Sketchbook  so course I had to explore her  jewelry. Her work looks wonderful and magical. Love her creative use of materials and the tentacle like appendage protrusions are amazing. Her work seems fluid and has movement… I think I

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The day started off with an overview of the actual casting process. Kim did a great job showing us step-by-step how to clean the silver, melt it in the crucible and how to pour it into the mold. Everyone was VERY exited to see the results of our labors. Although I’m very comfortable using a

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Spent the day yesterday at The Crucible in Oakland, CA. learning about lost wax casting. I’ve taken several classes at The Crucible, all of them great, but this one has been fantastic so far. Day one of this two day casting intensive was was such a great reminder of how effortless some teachers can make

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Hi everyone I came across this video that Rio did a few months ago. It show the basics of making glass beads. This informative video is a high level overview of how make a glass bead and it stars Nate! If you have taken a Rio Grande Certification in the last year or so then

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I love this design! Source: via Sherry on Pinterest

Love the colors and texture on this. Especially love the flanges or gills. NICE! I think I might try to introduce this type of feature into my hollow forms. Source: via Lorie on Pinterest

Tea Pot

I just adore this fab tea pot! Simply stunning! Now lets use the same technique in a metal clay piece!   Source: via Vickie on Pinterest


Check this out. Pretty cool! Nope…  this is not my arm 🙂 Happy 4th of July. Source: via Zoe on Pinterest


I am thrilled and honored to be a featured artist in the July 2012 issue of Ornament Magazine. Last year I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Carl Little while I was teaching at Haystack in Maine. My head was spinning with the fun and excitement of the whole Haystack experience. The creativity of

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Just saw this work by Isabel Safin. Love this!