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Trying Rust Free and Boeshield by the Boeing Corp

During the beginning part of every year I preform my usual ritual of studio tool maintenance and studio clean up. Although maintenance on some tools and equipment happens year round, the start of year usually leaves me extra time to do some serious cleaning. This year I noticed that some of my tools had garnered

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CraftCast - Renaissance Replay

I’m pleased to be presenting another CraftCast e-learning workshop! Check it out now, there is still time to sign up! Sign up on Renaissance Replay with Patrik Kusek Wednesday March 6, 2013 Join us March 6th, 2013, LIVE at 8 pm as Patrik Kusek once again pushes exciting new design boundaries creating keepsake metal

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A few months ago I proposed an article using PMC Sterling to Jeannette at MCAM magazine. It’s been like waiting for Christmas waiting to see it in print. Yesterday I got the magazine in the mail! It’s always nice to see your work in print, on-line and included in books. Two of my favorite things

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I’ve been noticing some great info on PMC has been systematically being added to the Rio Grande website. Check out the “Videos, Projects and More” tab  When you click on it your find that there are back copies of Studio PMC and Fusion, White Papers, MSDS sheets, Instructions of how to use products, some how

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Patrik Kusek in Art Jewelry Magazine

If you are looking for an interesting way to set stones in metal clay and if you are a subscriber to Art Jewelry Magazine check my article. It’s a this link Also I still have room in my classes at the Bead and Button Show. Sign up today. Intro to PMC, Nest Rings, Shrine

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Metal Clay, 2 part mold compound, by Patrik Kusek

This video shows how to make a 2 sided texture plate using 2 part silicon mold compound. You can use this texture plate for polymer and metal clay.

PMC Tools

Basic Metal Clay Tools If you are new to metal clay you’ll need tools! See the image above for your list of tools suitable for metal clay. Click on the link above to download the image and the list of basic metal clay tools. Of course, there are always LOTS more fun tools to buy,

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