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Here is an interview that Marlene Richey did for Rio Grande about me and my piece that won the Saul Bell Award. To read the entire interview and to read about the other winners please visit the Rio Grande website. PATRIK KUSEK 2nd Place, Metal Clay Interview by Marlene Richey Inspired by his mother’s struggle

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I won second place in metal clay at the Saul Bell Awards 2016!!

Patrik-Kusek Ornament Magazine

I’m so excited and thrilled to be featured in Ornament Magazine. My thanks to Carolyn Benesh, Robert Liu, Carl Little, Jill, Jim and Stephanie at Ornament, such a great article. I feel so very grateful for the wonderful job your team did on the article. Patrik-Kusek Ornament MagazinePDF

Sometimes it’s great just to see unique things. Often times it can give you ideas to use for your next projects. I was recently interviewed for Fusion Newsletter for the PMC Guild about inspiration. They asked where do I find inspiration? Well for me it can strike me just about anywhere.

Jewelry Artist Magazine 2007

Jewelry Artist Magazine (Formerly Lapidary Journal) August 2007 Issue: Facets; Your Turn, News, Innovations.

Rio News

The Bell Group announces the 2007 Saul Bell Awards Winners! Patrik Kusek wins First Place in PMC!

Metal Clay Groups Featured Artist Patrik Kusek

“I am honored to be the featured artist. This group provides a valuable resource for the metal clay community, and I’m proud to be a member of this very special family.” PR-Featured-Artist-3-07 PDF  

MJSA Journal

Patrik Kusek’s Saul Bell winning design in July 2007 Issue: People and Places Around the Industry.

FIDM Dialogues Newsletter

Patrik Kusek Featured Artist The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising  F.I.D.M. FIDM Dialogues Newsletter I’m so honored to be a featured artist in the FIDM Newsletter. My inspiration is nature and organic shapes. I love using textures and patterns that are old, cracked and crusted over. It adds that unexpected rustic yet sophisticated element

→ This is fascinating, tell me more…