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CraftCast videos stills for Patrik Kusek metal clay class

Finalizing my notes for my class on CraftCast tomorrow night. It’s gonna be a big one! This one is actually 4 projects in 1 ! The pomegranate, the branches, earrings and necklace. Lots of techniques in metal clay! This class also shares lots of techniques with the polymer clay world as well. To learn how

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CraftCast - Renaissance Replay

I’m pleased to be presenting another CraftCast e-learning workshop! Check it out now, there is still time to sign up! Sign up on Renaissance Replay with Patrik Kusek Wednesday March 6, 2013 Join us March 6th, 2013, LIVE at 8 pm as Patrik Kusek once again pushes exciting new design boundaries creating keepsake metal

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Creativity Cards by Patrik Kusek

This is a repost of a presentation that I did for the PMC Conference in 2o10. The presentation was on brainstorming and creativity. Brainstorming Presentation. If you are stuck and need a little creative boost check out the PDF of the presentation. The PDF version are slides from the presentation and no sound or narration. But

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